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Greater participation makes for greater communities; Ensure the poor are heard; New life for a landmark


Greater participation makes for greater communities
I want to commend John Toivonen on the article that he wrote about Del. Paul Harris Cover story, July 18.

It is important that folks in this area understand Del. Harris. I am so happy that he has taken a stand that all folks — black, white, Polish, etc. need to participate in all avenues of life.

John Bendrick

Ensure the poor are heard
I am an organizer with the Richmond Anti-Globalization Network (RAGN) and attended the teach-in that was reported in Style News & Features, July 28. Although I applaud Style Weekly for offering its readers an alternative view of those of us dissatisfied with the "two" party system, and those of us who will not remain silent, I did feel the article was a misrepresentation of our views in two ways.

First, there were no females quoted in the story.

The nonviolence workshop was a great event, but I wonder if our true intentions and interests were presented in that article. We feel that although the United States is presented as a world model of representative democracy, there are millions of American citizens whose opinions are not being represented.

Politics are controlled by money and private corporations that profit from consumer intake and labor. America's workers and the exploited workers of Third World nations certainly are not represented by either of the political parties. The voice of the poor is ignored or silenced.

Carol Anne Baker

New life for a landmark
Congratulations to the Tredegar Trust Co. for breathing life back into an important downtown landmark that has been idle and vacant for more than a decade Street Talk, Aug. 8. They are demonstrating once again that preservation can be a sound economic development.

Even a cost accountant would have to smile at seeing a building of this importance being reborn at a cost less than new construction. Good work, Bert Deacon!

Let's hope that Tredegar Trust's relocation to this exceptional site inspires others to follow their lead.

Dixon Kerr, Chairman
Alliance to Conserve Old Richmond Neighborhoods

Beginning Sept. 5, Virginia Power customers will see Dominion Virginia Power on their power bills. The company will eventually drop Virginia Power from the name and be known as Dominion. Style incorrectly reported the name of the company in a correction in the Aug. 15 issue and in a story in the Aug. 8 issue. Style Weekly regrets the errors.

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