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Got Those Across-the-Pond Blues



You let the British get their hands on our very American blues, next thing you know they'll be taking credit for inventing rock 'n' roll. Watch yourself, Ringo. The British five-piece Gomez proves that they, too, know the pain of life on the Delta — as it sifts out of the sand of precise synthesizer-pop and head-swaying harmonizing. And what would the bluesman think of those pulsing dance numbers? Muddy Waters never wore silver pants in no discotheque! But this is the exchange rate of new musical styles: Gomez is muddying the waters of the last 60 years of music. And they can put a tune together with all the cool tones of brass, acoustic guitar and synthesizer blips, so that the Atlantic seems to be the new bayou. Gomez plays Friday Cheers June 23 with Army of Me at 6:30 p.m. Free. Call 788-6466 or visit S

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