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Got flowers?

Permanent botanicals offer long-lasting beauty.

Goodstein’s business is by appointment only, allowing her to provide personalized service. She invites people to bring fabric swatches, vases and containers to her shop to custom fit an arrangement. “Everyone makes an appointment with their designers and personal shopper, so why not your florist,” she jokes. The average stem costs between $7 and $10. Prices for arrangements vary according to size. Even though some of the more elaborate arrangements can be pricey, they last a lifetime. The only care needed is a little dusting once or twice a year.

Since her business doesn’t rely on walk-in traffic, Goodstein has decided to move her shop to Monument Avenue. “I’m moving to a spot in one of those big old houses,” she says. Her selection and conscientious service, however, will not change and neither will her motto: “When it’s not practical to use fresh flowers, this is a great alternative.”

Les Pétales is currently located at 16 S. Dooley Ave. in Carytown, 340-1875. As of Oct. 1, it will be located at 2222 Monument Ave., 334-7434.

— John White

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