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GOP lacks interest in issues of underprivileged; He's absolutely smashing; In defense of West End women


GOP lacks interest in issues of underprivileged
If Del. Paul C. Harris thinks, "It will be black conservatives who will lead the cause for underprivileged people" Cover story, July 18, he has not studied the records of many of the black conservatives named in your article. This includes Clarence Thomas before and after his unfortunate appointment to the Supreme Court by a misguided conservative president. And if Del. Harris can state unequivocally that Jesse Jackson, who has been involved in the civil rights movement since the '60s, "has never worked an honest day in his life," he is betraying his own heritage. Perhaps he feels that Martin Luther King Jr. never worked an honest day in his life, either. Hopefully, blacks will go to the polls this fall in large numbers. Ideally they will not let themselves be led by black leaders, including black ministers, into the ranks of a party which has never shown much interest in their progress.

Juanita B. White

He's absolutely smashing
Re: The Best-Dressed Richmonder and Joe Morrissey Cover story, July 25: They weren't bright orange, they were khaki — and you're right, I look good in them.

Joseph D. Morrissey

In defense of West End women
As a woman, a West Ender, and a former "hausfrau," I have to object to Michael Hall's letter Letters, Aug. 1.

He was justifiably angry with the anonymous letter-writer who complained about a fund-raiser at gay bar, so he has decided to blame all the "girls" of the West End.

He is using the same broad-stroked, mean-spirited stereotyping that he is so angry about. This is one "hausfrau" (his word, not mine) who has marched, written and spoken on behalf of civil rights and respect for all groups of people, including the rights of gays, way before it was trendy.

Many of the fine women in the West End have done the same. Some, of course, would not. The point is, we're all different. If the time has come to take a stand on behalf of West End women, then I guess I'll do that, too.

Bonnie Atwood

In the Aug. 1 issue the name of Dominion Virginia Resources appeared incorrectly in the Street Talk section.

Also, we incorrectly listed the nights that Tiki Bob's Cantina in Shockoe Bottom serves dinner. The restaurant is open for dinner Monday through Saturday.

Style regrets the errors.

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