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Good Riddance

Rosie Right

This year has seen a number of perfectly respectable words used until they are tattered and ready for the ash can. Can we give them a rest and perhaps bring them back when they don't connote this election season? With the help of some friends, Rosie has compiled this list of candidates for a vacation without pay. Chad — not to be confused with cad Undercount — how do you do that? Bipartisanship — bi what? Reform — as in Medicare, Social Security and health care Taxes — hated by all; let's not even think of them until Jan. 15 Dimpled — once a nice description of an attractive facial feature, now connoting a piece of paper with a slight bulge Lockbox — its use depends on who has the key Constitutional crisis — what we don't think we are in Subliminable — Huh? (OK, this one never was respectibable.) E-shopping — a game of chance, of skill in navigating a maze Nasdaq — look down, you might see it Interest rates — the factors that run our lives Alan Greenspan — as Louis IV said, "L'etat c'est moi." Cautious optimism - that's hedging your bets New Economy — it doesn't look so good right now Click — not in the sense of being compatible Wazzup — who wants a beer? Boy band — if you're a 14-year-old girl you will know what this means Sugar Busters — for all the talk there don't seem to be many thinner people walking around. Let Rosie hear from you by telephone (358-0825), letter (1707 Summit Ave., Richmond, Va. 23230), fax (355-9089) or e-mail

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