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Good Riddance Senator, Hello Opportunity

Stephen Marusco's assessment of George Allen's loss is certainly on-target ("Christmas Gift," Back Page, Dec. 6), and not news to many of us who have been pretty much aware of his "history" from day one.

However, I must part ways, somewhat, about Mr. Manusco's contention that Allen's campaign was about one issue. While agreed that his racial slur probably was the straw that broke the camel's back, there were certainly many other issues for more moderate Virginia voters, issues that contradict the image he attempted to portray of a "conservative."

A few examples, if you will permit me:

Allen's support of the current administration's liberal lenient spend and borrow budgets over the past six years has not served Virginia taxpayers well and will burden our families with the most massive tax burden our country has ever seen, not to mention the effect of dividing us more and more, economically.

Allen has failed to object to — has even supported — some of the greatest expansions of the federal government in modern times, which resulted in some of the most intrusive burdensome regulations into our personal lives that we have ever seen (for a clue, think of your local library). This was all done when we would have been better served if he had spent more time in supporting effective meaningful efforts to protect us from terrorism.

And, speaking of terrorism, he still seems in a haze when it comes to distinguishing 9/11 terrorism, Osama Bin Laden and the invasion of Iraq to get the weapons of mass destruction.

It is time for a new beginning for Virginia and for our country. Right-wing ideologues, like Allen and Tom Delay and company, pretending to be conservatives, have taken us off track. Finally, we have an opportunity to have a government of checks and balances and a Congress willing to work with members of the opposite party for the greater good of the country.

John W. Newell

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