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Good for Bob Bobb, Not Me


Robert Bobb, that attractive, glad-handing gadabout, has been much in the news. (Google: Bobb in Detroit and Washington for a sampling of his prowess).

I remember when Bobb was city manager here Richmond had the second-highest murder rate in the nation and 20,000 substandard buildings. Those numbers changed little during his tenure. This ineffectiveness seems consistent with the Detroit and Washington reports. The marvel is that he can skip around the nation duping leaders along the way and not get nailed. Well, he is handsome.

If the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce sees fit to frivol away its treasure on Bobb and his group, it's their business. Just keep him out of the taxpayers' pockets.

I'm paying about 20 percent of my gross rental receipts in property tax to fund Richmond's questionable government. Salaried are a superintendent, School Board and mayor with umpteen highly paid personal advisers and City Council. And still there is endless quibbling and multitudes of outside advisers, with little consequence.

Incompetence has become the new norm. Conversely, most American families get it right every month, and have to.

Don't you yearn for the good old days when the community wizened would accept an appointment to the School Board and hire a superintendent whose budget would stay within parameters? Things ran well, smoothly, and there was happiness and success in the land?

Whatever happens, keep Bobb away from my lunch.

Sam Forrest


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