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Goldman vs. Ms. Wilder?


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First he went after his former boss's job. Now Paul Goldman is sniffing around his former boss's former wife's job.

Goldman, ex-adviser to former mayor L. Douglas Wilder and unsuccessful candidate for the post in November, says “no comment” to whether he'll run for the city treasurer's job. Wilder's ex-wife, Eunice Wilder, has held the four-year post since early 1993. This fall, voters would be voting on her fifth term.

“I'm thinking about it,” Goldman says, elaborating on his no-comment statement. A successful bid would give Goldman control over citywide sale of hunting and fishing licenses — and little else, other than a bully pulpit.

 “If the current situation lasts for another year, Richmond is going to be one of those places that's really going to be under fiscal stress,” he says, declining further comment before commenting further.

Suggesting it would be premature to discuss his plans to run, Goldman declines to elaborate, saying, “we have a pension fund that's terribly under-funded. The biggest five employers in our area are government. The fact is the current property assessments are inflated.”

Asked what he might bring to the job, Goldman was mum — briefly.

“I'm just concerned about the finance situation and I don't hear the kind of informed discussion that I think is necessary,” he says. “I just want to try to make sure we have an honest and fair discussion.”

His decision on whether to run will come in the “next couple of weeks,” Goldman says, calling his a needed voice as the new mayor's administration settles back into politics as usual.

“From my experience, there's several millions of dollars that we could directly save many of the poorest people in the city that's been lost the last couple of years,” he says. “Why should we let Richmonders lose these millions of dollars?”

What millions? Again, Goldman declines to comment.


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