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Glaring Show of Insensitivity

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I have always enjoyed Style Weekly, but I was shocked to see the headline on your Nov. 19 issue (Holiday Almanac, Cover Story). It's hard to imagine your editorial staff's insensitivity.

“The Bipolar Express: Our split-personality guide for the seasonal celebrant, in which we satisfy the very merry and the very jaded,” is tasteless as a joke, or holiday reference to the famous children's book, “The Polar Express,” but more seriously it makes fun of a real mental illness.

Would you write a headline on your cover saying, “The Breast Cancer Express,” or “The Alzheimer's Express”? Of course not.

I can only assume that your jovial headline shows your ignorance. May I suggest that you, and any readers who see nothing offensive in the headline, look at this Web site: www.NAMI.org. Once there, you can click on the section titled Bipolar Disorder. 

Many of us have a friend or a family member with bipolar disorder. It is a serious illness, but there are wonderful medications that give an individual a good quality of life. Counseling, a good self-image, and the support and love of family and friends are just as important.

Ann E. Romer


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