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Give Us 10 Years

Richmond really can change in 10 years. Here are selected winners from our inaugural "The Best of Richmond," published July 13, 1993:

Best example of smart real estate development


Hey, Short Pump wasn't around to compete back then.

Best regular hairdresser

Nesbit Hatch at Pine Street Barber Shop

No more barber shop for Mr. Hatch. Heard of a place called Nesbit The Complete Body Salon?

Best radio station

WVGO 106.5-FM

The adult rock 'n' roll station has rolled over. Now you'll find hip-hop and R&B on the Cox Communications station, WRCL Cool 106.5-FM.

Best corner grocery

Fan Market

For a while, you could still buy apples there — Macs. But now Capitol Mac has moved out and left the former grocery empty.

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