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George E. Sutton

What I Do


Every fireman, every policeman and bus driver in the city of Richmond knows the cowboy. I always wear the hat. Most people you find walking in the street today are wearing regular clothing. I'm more like an oddball.

I'm a street minister. I carry that out by laying hands on people and talking to them and telling them the business of God. What he's done for me, he can do for them. And I counsel people — about marriage, drinking, work, dope. I talk to people face to face, and hold their hand and pray for them and holler at them.

For years I worked as an exterminator. I had my own business from '69 to '86. I treated for everything — termites, roaches, spiders ants, rats. I treated them with Clozan and Pyrethrin. They don't use Clozan no more because it stays around so long. It was the best thing for termites.

I loved exterminating. Not only was you doing something for the environment, you were helping people to live better — they weren't living with the rats and the insects anymore.

In 1983 I had a brand-new Chevrolet I had just purchased, and I had a seizure, a stroke — I had a blackout behind the wheel. I had head injuries and a crushed chest. Nobody knows what caused the seizure. The doctors said they thought I had fatigue; I worked 16, 17 hours a day, six days a week. Sundays I went to church.

The doctors told my daughter, Linda, that I would die. That I wouldn't last long. My pastor, Dr. Benjamin W. Robinson Sr. of Cedar Street Baptist Church of God, came to see me. He prayed for me. My rehabilitation took about from 1983 to '85.

The church made a deacon out of me on account of God had helped me. So I went to Richmond Virginia Seminary for five years. But I was not called to preach. I was called to be a street minister. You know, I do the things that God wants me to do, not what man wants. I'm a biblical man.

I'm 77. If God lets me live, I'm going to keep on working and telling people about the goodness of God. Something about me, people just know what I am and they want to talk to me. I am what I am. I'm a child of

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