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Gawker Says Richmond’s ‘Hippest’ Neighborhood is The Fan.

We think they’re trolling us.



In what is ostensibly an attempt at being helpful, Gawker today published a list titled, “This Is the Williamsburg of Your City: A Map of Hip America.”

Hip, you know, like New York City’s Williamsburg is hip with beards and flannels and work boots. (Not Colonial Williamsburg, which is obviously very hip, but in a very different way.)

The methodology was straightforward. The online blog asked readers in different cities a question: “What's its hippest—or formerly hippest—or sometimes just youngest—neighborhood, the one with the art galleries and the boutiques and the lines for brunch?”

After hearing from five Richmonders (literally, five), Gawker apparently decided the coolest, most Williamsburg-like place in Richmond is The Fan.

I’m pretty sure that’s wrong, but just to be sure, I called a Richmond native who spent some time living in Brooklyn. She thought about it for a minute and told me The Fan is more like Park Slope – full of baby carriages, restaurants and life, but not hip in a young or artistic way. Her vote went to Oregon Hill. Or maybe Church Hill on the right night.

More importantly, we decided the comparison is pretty useless, and Gawker knows it, but also knows that by saying stuff about lots of different cities they’ll get a lot of web traffic from people who live in those cities.

Basically, they’re trolling us, but who cares: weigh in below.

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