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Garden Grove Brewing Co. Is Expanding Its Focus and Adding Wine



Popular Carytown brewery Garden Grove Brewing Co. is adding "urban winery" to its name. While the beverage maker has used winemaking techniques in some of its beer varieties, new wine additions will include petit verdot, chardonnay, rosé and Bordeaux blends, the company said in a news release. These wines will be served alongside Garden Grove's beer offerings.

The full press release is below.

This fall Virginia’s Capital is getting its first Brewery & Winery in its history. Garden Grove Brewing & Urban Winery will be Richmond’s first production facility to serve its customers both beer and wine in one location. Garden Grove Brewing Company opened its doors in February 2015 in the Carytown District of Richmond by nationally recognized and award winning winemaker and brewer Mike Brandt.

Since opening Garden Grove Brandt’s beers have received awards as well as positive reviews for his eclectic beers from Beer Advocate’s Jason Alström. Garden Grove’s Beer lineup includes many classic styles such as Pilsners, Stouts, IPAs, & Belgian Trappist Ales but there is always an eclectic, diverse selection that often includes fusions of beer and wine styles such as their Belgian Quadruple “Death” made with Petit Verdot grapes from Garden Grove’s own vineyard and aged 1+ year in red wine barrels. Garden Grove becoming a winery in addition to a brewery has been a natural transition.

The Urban Winery facet of Garden Grove is specializing in classic grape wines (Petit Verdot, Chardonnay, Rosé, and Red Blends using mostly Bordeaux varieties), Pyments (Wine Grape and Honey hybrids), still & sparkling Meads, Melomels, and Ciders. Some of the wine grape based wines will be made in collaboration with viticulturist and winemaker Jason Murray of Arterra Winery in Delaplane, VA. Those wines are made utilizing 100% native fermentation and are designed to showcase the character of the grapes. There is a focus on old world sensibilities to the wine making methodology while shying away from the new world winemaking techniques such as added enzymes, tannins, coloring agents or new oak.

Prior to opening Garden Grove Brandt worked at GABF award winning brewery Calhoun’s in Harrisonburg, VA . He then took a position as vineyard manager and head winemaker at Naked Mountain Vineyard, well known for having wines served in The White House. He also worked as winemaker and viticulturist at the pioneering and world renowned Linden Vineyards with Jim Law. He additionally worked with acclaimed winemakers Joshua Grainer of RDV and Jeff White of Glen Manor, as well as, collaborating with Richmond’s Blue Bee Cider. Brandt gained an expertise in agriculture and plant sciences by taking a break from fermentation sciences to study and research environmental sciences (Virginia Commonwealth University, Longwood University, Smithsonian Institution Conservation and Research Center) and agricultural sciences (Virginia State University). At VSU he planted and managed an organic wine grape research vineyard. Additionally at the SICRC Brandt conducted native plant surveys. Brandt became skilled with the identification and uses of unique plant species which he has focused on the beverage arts. This unique understanding of plants takes Garden Grove beyond the typical hop obsessed brewery de jour. Captivating flavors are coaxed out of ingredients that most breweries have never considered, such as Autumn Olive berries, Spice Bush leaves, Sumac Berries, Aronia berries, & Rose Hips. Brandt is adept with hops, creating excellent IPAs but focuses on other botanicals, many foraged and also grown on Brandt’s urban garden. Botanicals are not only used in beers but also in Garden Grove’s Meads and Pyments.

Proponents of small batch wine and craft beer have recognized the immeasurable quality that is possible when the ingredients are grown by the producer, the beverages are never under harsh storage or transportation conditions, and are served fresh at the source. Garden Grove Brewing & Urban Winery brings wines and beers crafted under those perfect conditions directly to Richmond, VA. Our beers and wines are consistently diverse, delicious, unique, and adventurous making Garden Grove Brewing & Urban Winery’s portfolio a welcome addition to Richmond’s craft alcohol scene, offering a diverse selection of beer and wine under one roof.

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