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Artemis Gallery "Fused Together: A Romantic Approach to Glasswork" by Stuart Clayman opens Feb. 9, 5-10 p.m. Through February. 1601 W. Main St. 254-1755.

Border Chophouse "Heartbreaker," a show of works by 10 artists, opens with a reception, with music by Duchess of York, starting Feb. 7 at 8 p.m. Music starts at 10 p.m. Through February. 1501 W. Main St. 355-2907.

Chester Bistro & Coffee "Anticipation," paintings by Terry Lacy, runs through February. 2612 Perdue Springs Drive. 425-6956.

Eric Schindler Gallery "Naked and Still Ugly," paintings by Eric Yevak, opens with a reception Feb. 9, 7-9 p.m. Through March 6. 2305 E. Broad St. 644-5005.

Ginger Levit Atelier "G. Thenard: Painter of Provence" opens with a reception Feb. 9, 6-9 p.m., and continues Feb. 11, 2:30-5:30 p.m. Through April 6. 419 Dellbrooks Place. 740-1471.

Page Bond Gallery "Carrara," photography by William Wylie, opens with a reception Feb. 9, 6-9 p.m. Wylie talks about his work Feb. 10 at 11 a.m. Through March 9. 1625 W. Main St. 359-3633.

Petersburg Area Art League "Diverse Perceptions," paintings by Cordell Hopper, opens with a reception Feb. 9, 6-10 p.m. Through March 4. 7 E. Old St. in Petersburg. 861-4611.

Petersburg Regional Art Center The February All Media Show features works by Ronnie Thompson, Page Roller, Jack Williams and others, opening Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. Through March 3. 132 N. Sycamore St. 733-8200.

The Triple Restaurant The "Insights 4 Art Show," with works by Ben Bemis, Enrique Rodriguez, Mike Creasy, John Worley, Scott Nugent and Charlene Crowder, opens with a reception Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. with music by DJ Kobayashi Maru. 3306 W. Broad St. 359-7777.


1212 Gallery A show of works by Diane Clement, Lynn Limon and Martin McFadden runs through February 18. 12 E. 12th St. 233-9957.

1708 Gallery "Drift," sculpture by Ledelle Moe and video work by Greg Streak, runs through Feb. 24. 319 W. Broad St. 643-1708.

ADA Gallery A show of new work by Jared Lindsay Clark and Randy Hess continues through Feb. 24. 228 W. Broad St. 644-0100.

Anderson Gallery The Winter 2007 Exhibition features Gerald Donato's "Reinventing the Game," running through March 4. 901 W. Franklin St. 828-1522.

Art6 Gallery "Replacements: Smoke on Paper" by Rob Tarbell and "Arabesque Fusion" by Henrietta Near runs through Feb. 25. 6 E. Broad St. 343-1406.

Artspace A show of works by Douglas Barkey, Kitty Johnson and Jessica Sims runs through Feb. 18. 0 E. Fourth St. 232-6464.

Art Works The Fourth Friday show features ceramic creations from Matt Cross, Bret Bushnell and Glenda Kotchish; photographic exhibits by Yvonne Humphries and Kristin Martin; abstracts by Marge Matheson; and aquarium art by Ernest Johnson, running through February. 320 Hull St. 291-1400.

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart A show of art celebrating the cathedral's centennial runs through Feb. 25. "Peace," a show of works by Kathleen Markowitz, Karen Morgan and Dan Zobell, runs through Feb. 10. 823 Park Ave. 359-5651, ext. 106.

Chasen Galleries "Urban Art," paintings by Maggie Stiefvater, Jian Wu, Joan Marti and Christophe Therrien, runs through Feb. 28. 3554 W. Cary St. 204-1048.

Curated Culture at Cornerstone Gallery "Interior/Exterior," photography by Theodore Holmes and David Huerbin and paintings by Keith Ramsey and Chris Semtner, runs through March 30. 23 W. Broad St. 344-1508.

Elegba Folklore Society "Interior Motive: The Mystery of Stone and Color," mixed media and installations by Inga Bell, are on display through Feb. 28. 101 E. Broad St. 644-3900.

Gallery5 "A Separate Piece," an all-sculpture exhibition with works by Adam Caldwell, Terry Wolfe, Malcolm Majer, Andreas Rittmeyer and others runs through February. 200 W. Marshall St. 644-0005.

Gallery 5800 "Virginia Landscapes," oil paintings by André Lucero, runs through March 1. 5800 Grove Ave. 285-0774.

The Gallery Art & Design "On the Cusp," paintings by Alek Alekian and Ashot Khachkalian, runs through February. 16 S. Dooley St. 355-0102.

Jennifer Young Studio & Gallery "Flowers and Candy," paintings by Jennifer Young, runs through March 1. 16 E. Main St. 254-1008.

Lazare Gallery "Traditional Treasures: An Exhibition of Finer Small Works by Soviet and Russian Era Artists" runs through Feb. 28. 4641 Kimages Wharf Road. 829-5001.

Main Art Gallery "Super Tycoon Nightclub," photographs by Eric Norbom, runs through Feb. 27. 1537 W. Main St. 355-6151.

Project Space Gallery "Where Are You Going, Where Are You From?" photography-turned-postcard project by Rosemary Kate Jesionowski, runs through Feb. 21. 0 E. Fourth St. 564-4998.

Quirk Gallery "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wood?" wood-fired ceramic sculpture by nine Virginia artists, runs through Feb. 20. The Vault Project, featuring Tom Hill, runs through Feb. 24. 311 W. Broad St. 644-5450.

Rentz Gallery The Small Works Invitational, featuring pieces by Sheep Jones, Laura Lowe, Jeremy Satterlund and others, runs through Feb. 26. 1700 W. Main St. 358-5338.

Reynolds Gallery A show of oil paintings by Lois Dodd and sculpture by Ledelle Moe runs through Feb. 17. "Gerald Donato: Mr. Man and Moonface," a show of drawings, runs through March 3. 1514 W. Main St. 355-6553.

Richmond Public Library "Same View, Double Take," mixed-media work by Elizabeth Butterworth Stutts; "At the Crossroads," works about jazz and blues musicians by Jackson Collins; and a show in the David Freed Gallery run through Feb. 27. 101 E. Franklin St. 646-4740.

Solvent Space A show of works by Margret Blondal runs through March 10. 0 E. Fourth St. in Plant Zero. 827-0984.

Uptown Gallery "How Far the Ties of Blood?" art from five generations of a family by Emma Lou Martin, Susan Singer, Sarah Abernathie, Jim Martin and others, runs through Feb. 28. 1305 W. Main St. 353-8343.

Visual Arts Studio "Andean Traditions in Equador," paintings by Oliverio Corrales, runs through March 10. 208 W. Broad St. 644-1368.

White Canvas Gallery "Nature on Display," a show of landscapes, oils and sculpture by Nora Harrington, Jeanne Goodman and Ron Buchanan, runs through Feb. 14. 111 S. 14th St. 782-1776. S

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