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Ada Gallery "Salon Selective III," featuring works by Naomi McCavitt, Able Brown, James Davis, Ginna Triplett, Richie Pope, Todd White, Cliff Hengst, Rob Lee, Tate Pray, Scott Hewicker, Natalie Estrellita and Bonnie Staley. Opening Dec. 13 at 7 p.m. and on display through Jan 14. 228 W. Broad St. 644-0100.

Artemis Gallery "Cultural Transformations: Art History in Ceramics," featuring works by Noi Volkov and Genna Gervich. Opening Dec. 12 at 5 p.m. and on display through Dec. 19. 1601 W. Main St. 254-1755.

Petersburg Area Art League Gallery "Holiday Show," featuring seasonal art and the annual "Trees of Christmas," exhibit. Opening Dec. 12 at 6 p.m. and on display through Dec. 18. 7 E. Old St. 862-4611.

Petersburg Regional Art Center "All Media Show," featuring works by Wade Hampton Goodwin III. Opening Dec. 12 in the Main Gallery and on display through Jan. 5. 132 N. Sycamore St. 733-8200.

Red Door Gallery "Recent Works," featuring new art by Lenny Campello. "Iterations," featuring new work by Harold Edwards. Both opening Dec. 12 at 6 p.m. and on display through Jan 17. 1607 W. Main St. 358-0211.


43rd Street Gallery "Holiday Open House," featuring works by Lee Hazelgrove. On display through December. 1412 W. 43rd St. 233-1758.

1212 Gallery "Work: the Collective," featuring works by Matt Lively, Hunter Boxley, Andy Trinko and Hillary Knause. On display through Dec. 21. 12 E. 12th St. 233-9957.

1708 Gallery "Not So Silent Night: Holiday in a Box," featuring artistically altered gift boxes. On display through Dec. 19. 319 W. Broad St. 643-7839.

Art6 Gallery "Art in a Box," featuring works by gallery members. On display through Dec. 21. 6 E. Broad St. 343-1406.

Artspace "Artspace@Twenty," featuring work by Plant Zero's artist members. On display through Dec. 21. 0 E. Fourth St. 232-6464.

CafAc Ole Will feature works by Chase Lanier. On display through Jan. 1. 2 N. Sixth St. 225-8226.

Chasen Gallery "The Color of Texture," featuring works by Samir Sammoun. On display through Dec. 31. 3554 W. Cary St. 204-1048.

Crossroads Art Center "All Media Show," featuring works by Sue Ellen Nagle, Mathew Howell and Lou Robbins. On display through Dec. 28. 2016 Staples Mill Road. 278-8950.

Eric Schindler Gallery "How to Enter a Room," featuring works by R. Sawan White. On display through Dec. 19. 2305 E. Broad St. 644-5005.

Flippo Gallery "From Here: New York" featuring works by Lillian Bayley Hoover. Opening Nov. 16 at 3 p.m. in Pace-Armistead Hall at Randolph-Macon College. On display through Jan. 23. 752-3018.

Friend House Gallery "Landscape Paintings 2008," featuring works by Carol Meese. On display through Jan. 3. 27 Bollingbrook St. in Petersburg. 931-1370.

Gallery5 "Sleight of Hand," a national juried contemporary craft competition. On display through Jan. 15. 200 W. Marshall St. 644-0005.

Ginger Levit Gallery "Landscapes," featuring works by Larry Horowitz. "Exotic Destinations," featuring watercolors by Carol Baliles. Both on display through Dec. 31. 1519 W. Main St. 740-1471.

Glave Kocen Gallery "New Works," featuring art by Dan Miller. On display through Dec. 24. 1620 W. Main St. 358-1990.

Judy Newcomb Gallery Featuring work by Robert Caldwell. On display through Dec. 30. 11382 Mall Drive. 794-6001.

Library of Virginia "Richmond by Rice," featuring a selection of images from the Adolph B. Rice photograph collection documenting Richmond in the 1950s. On display through Jan. 3. 800 E. Broad St. 692-3592.

Main Art Gallery "Open Road," featuring monotype prints by Mary Watt New. On display through Jan. 31. 1537 W. Main St. 355-6151.

Metro Gallery "Museum of Mounted Heads," featuring works by Lily Lamberta. On display through Dec. 119 W. Broad St. 307-9420.

Quirk Gallery "Sparkle Plenty 4: Quirk's fourth annual art jewelry exhibition." On display through Dec. 23. 311 W Broad St. 644-5450.

Reynolds Gallery New watercolors by Javier Tapia and paintings by Isabel Bigelow. On display through Jan. 17. 1514 W. Main St. 355-6553.

Rolling Road Gallery "Bay Skies," featuring works by Maruta Racenis. On display through Dec. 21. 171 Virginia St. 758-4204.

Transmission Gallery Featuring the works of Jamie Boling and Bill Donovan. On display through Dec. 27. 321 Brook Road. 200-9985.

University of Richmond Museums "This is War! The Pain, Power, and Paradox of Images," featuring more than 80 pieces portraying war from diverse perspectives and time periods. On display through April 4. Free. 289-8276.

Uptown Gallery "It's a Small World," featuring works by members of the Metropolitan Richmond Artists' Association. On display through Jan. 31. 1305 W. Main St. 353-8343.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts "Under a Virginia Sky," featuring paintings by Steven Walker." On display through Jan. 30. "Legacy for the Generations: Jacob Lawrence's Legend of John Brown," featuring paintings by Jacob Lawrence. On display through Dec. 12. "The County Election," featuring the 19th-century oil paintings of George Caleb Bingham. On display through Dec. 28. "Drawing in Color: Pastels," featuring works by various artists. On display through Jan. 9. 200 N. Boulevard. 204-2708.

Visual Arts Center of Richmond "When Janey Comes Marching Home: Portraits of Women Combat Veterans." On display through Dec. 14. 1812 W. Main St. 353-0094.

Visual Art Studio "Abstractions in Reality," featuring works by Peter Thaxton. On display through Jan. 30. "Artistic Gifts," featuring works on canvas and photographs by local artists. On display through Jan. 30. "PhotoImpression" featuring 100 limited edition prints by Susan Lamson for $50 apiece. 208 W. Broad St. 644-1368.

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