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Artspace Gallery "Vulnerability's Groom," featuring photography by Shane Booth. "Transitions," featuring photography by Martin McFadden. "Figures in Abstract," featuring oils on canvas by Noelle Gray. "About Face," featuring various media by Artspace members. Opening Jan. 23 at 7 p.m. and on display through Feb. 22. 0 E. Fourth St. 232-6464.

Art Works "Positive Exposure: The Spirit of Difference," featuring photography by Rick Guidotti. "9.29.2007: A Conversation Between Artists," featuring works by Glenda Kotchish, Chris Semtner and Jessie Yeager. "The World Through My Colors," featuring works by Elizabeth Hermann. "Quiescence," featuring works by Rennee DeChristopher. "Welcome to My World," featuring works by Lavigne Long. "Solitude and Renewal," featuring art by Beth Bradford. Opening Jan. 23 and on display through Feb. 22. 320 Hull St. 291-1400.

Eric Schindler Gallery "Invitational Group Show," featuring mixed media and functional art with proceeds going to Tricycle Gardens. Opening Jan. 24 at 7 p.m. and on display through Feb. 7. 2305 E. Broad St. 644-5005.

Red Door Gallery "A Few of My Favorite Colors," featuring new work by Clay McGlamory. Opening Jan. 23 at 6 p.m. and on display through Feb. 28. 1607 W. Main St. 358-0211.

Reynolds Gallery "The Camp Under the Moon," featuring new paintings by Paul Ryan. "New York," featuring new paintings by Ron Johnson. Both opening Jan. 23 at 7 p.m. and on display through March 7. 1514 W. Main St. 355-6553.

University of Richmond Museums "Studying the Figure: Works from the Collection." "The Human Figure, Archetype and Actuality: Works from the Collection." Both opening Jan. 21 and on display through March 6. 28 Westhampton Way. 289-8276.


1212 Gallery "Threshold," featuring works by Christine Carr. On display through Feb. "Timbre of Silence," on display through Feb. 8. 12 E. 12th St. 233-9957.

1708 Gallery Paintings and prints by Christopher Quirk and Nichole Maury. On display through Feb. 14. 319 W. Broad St. 643-1708.

Anderson Gallery "Embodying the Sacred in Yoruba Art." On display through March 1. 907A« West Franklin St. 828-1522.

Art6 "East Meets West," featuring works by 35 Korean and Virginian artists working in traditional and contemporary styles. On display through Feb. 1. 6 E. Broad St. 343-1406.

Art's Sake Gallery "Annual Adult Artist Juried Art Show 2009." On display through Jan. 31 at the James Center. 901 E. Cary St. 740-1400.

Brazier Gallery "Brazier Studio Workshop Artists Show," featuring paintings from workshop participants. On display through Jan. 24. 3401 W. Cary St. 359-2787.

Chop Suey Tuey Gallery "Prophets' Paradox: Alien Worlds and Celestial Beings," featuring watercolors by Matt Bivetto. On display through Feb. 4. 2913 W. Cary St. 422-8066.

Corporate and Museum Frame Gallery "In House Affair," featuring works by Diana and Carlysle Vicenti. On display through Jan. 31. 301 W. Broad St. 643-6858.

Crossroads Art Gallery "Nimrod Hall Artist's Show." "Susan Stuller's Adult Student Artists Show." "Recent Works," featuring ink and watercolor by David Decker. All on display through March 7. 2016 Staples Mill Road. 278-8950.

Flippo Gallery "From Here: New York" featuring works by Lillian Bayley Hoover. Opening Nov. 16 at 3 p.m. in Pace-Armistead Hall at Randolph-Macon College. On display through Jan. 23. 752-3018.

Gay Community Center Art Gallery "Body of Work," featuring art by John Bailey and Susan Singer. On display through Feb. 28. 1407 Sherwood Ave. 353-8890.

Ghostprint Gallery "Bleeding Hearts," featuring works by Amanda Wachob. On display through Jan. 31. 220 W. Broad St. 344-1557.

Ginger Levit "Artists' Potpourri." On display through Feb. 28. 419 Dellbrooks Place. 740-1471.

Glave Kocen Gallery "Size Doesn't Matter," annual small works show. On display through Feb. 3. 1620 W. Main St. 358-1990.

ISHQ Gallery "Contemporary Islamic Calligraphy," featuring work by Qaisar Iqbal. On display through Jan. 25. 209 W. Broad St. 929-7018.

Library of Virginia "Virginia Is for Tourists," featuring exhibits exploring the development of sightseeing and tourism in Virginia. On display through July 4. 800 E. Broad St. 692-3592.

Main Art Gallery "Open Road," featuring monotype prints by Mary Watt New. On display through Jan. 31. 1537 W. Main St. 355-6151.

Page Bond Gallery "Maggie," featuring photographs by Emmet Gowin and Elijah Gowin. On display through Jan. 31. 1625 W. Main St. 359-3633.

Petersburg Regional Art Center "All Media Show." On display through Feb. 7. 132 N. Sycamore St. 733-8200.

Project Space Gallery "A Blatant Show of Nepotism," featuring prints, drawings, and paintings by local and national artists. On display through Feb. 27. 0 E. Fourth St. 338-5508.

Quirk Gallery "Birth of a Notion," featuring works by Val Cushing, Jack Troy and Ron Meyers. On display through Feb. 29. "Skomies," featuring paintings by Marc Valega. On display through Jan. 31. "Vault Project 2009," featuring works by Diana Detamore. On display through Feb. 14. 311 W. Broad St. 644-5450.

Richmond Public Library Gallery "Artspace," featuring selected works by Artspace members. "T. Francis Collection," featuring metallic marbled wall sculptures by T. Francis. "Expressionist Visions," featuring oil on canvas work by Dave Von Bock and photographs by Eric Matney. All on display through Feb. 3. 101 E. Franklin St. 646-7223.

Solvent Space "Peculiar Institutions," featuring works by Sanford Biggers. On display through Feb. 28. 0 E. Fourth St. 726-4442.

Triple Gallery "Recent Works," featuring oil paintings by Craig Caldwell. On display through January. 3306 W. Broad St. 359-7777.

University of Richmond Museums "This is War! The Pain, Power, and Paradox of Images," featuring more than 80 pieces portraying war from diverse perspectives and time periods. On display through April 4. "Model Warplanes," featuring prints by Malcolm Morley. On display through March 22. "Transformations," featuring a collection of Inuit sculptures. On display through June 14. "Form and Story: Narration in Recent Paintings," featuring works by Steve DiBenedetto, Angela Dufresne, Hanneline RA,geberg and Erling Sjovold. On display through May 15. "The Human Figure, Archetype and Actuality: Works from the Collection." On display through March 6. Free. 28 Westhampton Way. 289-8276.

Uptown Gallery "It's a Small World," featuring works by members of the Metropolitan Richmond Artists' Association. On display through Jan. 31. "Arias and Art," a musical exhibit by all Uptown Gallery members. "Cream of the Crop," featuring works by Cari Still. Both on display through Feb. 28. 1305 W. Main St. 353-8343.

Visual Arts Center of Richmond "From Sand: Works in Glass," featuring art by Ken Daley, Richard Jolley and Joyce J. Scott. On display through March 22. 1812 W. Main St. 353-0094.

Visual Art Studio "Abstractions in Reality," featuring works by Peter Thaxton. On display through Jan. 30. "Artistic Gifts," featuring works on canvas and photographs by local artists. On display through Jan. 30. "PhotoImpression" featuring 100 limited-edition prints by Susan Lamson for $50 apiece. 208 W. Broad St. 644-1368.

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