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Artspace Exhibitions featuring works from John Bailey, Andrew Campbell, Debbie Daprano and Matt Liveley. Through April 28. 6 E. Broad St. 782-8672.

Chasen Galleries "Harmony and Fusion/A New Beginning," works by Brian Miller. Through May 6. 3554 W. Cary St. 204-1048.

Corporate & Museum Frame "3 Massies Mediums," works by Anne Adams Robertson Massie, Annie Harris Massie and Alice Burwell McGuire Massie. Through May 1. 301 W. Broad St. 643-6858.

Cudahy's Oil paintings by Nancy Witt and raku pottery by David Camden. Through April 24. 1314 E. Cary St. 782-1776.

Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen "Beyond the Vanitas," the consideration of peace as a subject. Through May 11. 2880 Mountain Road. 261-6200.

Elegba Folklore Society Cultural Center "Race Cards" features montage and collage compilations by Frank Smith. Through April 30. 101 E. Broad St. 644-3900.

For Art's Sake Watercolors by Beverly Perdue and ceramics by Lee Hazelgrove. Through April 27. 3451 W. Cary St. 353-8101.

Glen Allen Cultural Center Paintings by the James River Art League. Through April 27. 2880 Mountain Road. 257-7111.

Hand Workshop Art Center "Portrait as Performance," an exhibit exploring the role of performance in the evolution of photographic portraits. Through May 12. 1812 W. Main St. 353-0094.

Joel and Lila Harnett Print Study Center "Reginald Marsh Prints: Whitney Museum of American Art Portfolio." Through June 29. 289-8276.

Kindred Spirits Gigi Andresen Brothers' "Horses in Art" in acrylics. Through May 5. 3201 W. Franklin St. 440-6854.

Library of Virginia "Jefferson & The Capitol of Virginia," plans by Jefferson that show the evolution of his design of the Capitol. Through June 15. 800 E. Broad St. 692-3592.

Lora Robins Gallery "Structures of Nature: Photographs by Andreas Feininger." Through July 14. "Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Lora Robins Gallery of Design from Nature." Through Sept. 1. "Buds, Blooms and Blossoms: Boehm Porcelains from the Permanent Collection" at UR's Modlin Center for the Arts. Through Aug. 25. 289-8276.

Main Art Gallery "Nurocco 2001-2002," mixed media by Brad Birchett. Through April 30. 1537 W. Main St. 355-6151.

Marsh Art Gallery "Machines of the Mind," sculpture by New York artist Lawrence Fane. Through June 29. The 5th "American Print Biennial," a celebration of contemporary printmaking. Through June 29. "Punchlist," eight digital photoprints by Thomas Weaver, and the semiannual student exhibit at UR. Through July 27. Modlin Center for the Arts. 289-8276.

Pine Camp Arts and Community Center "Park Reflections," depictions of Richmond parks. Through April 27. 4901 Old Brook Road. 646-3674.

Richmond Camera Walter Clark's "Yukon in Alaskan Cemeteries." Through April. 213 W. Broad St. 648-0515.

Richmond Public Library Paintings by the Richmond Artists Association, Fleming Fox and Millie Gresko. Through April 30. 101 E. Franklin St. 646-4867.

St. Catherine's School Flower illustrations by Judy Gilman in the Seymour and John Rennolds Gallery in Turner Hall. Through April 25. 6001 Grove Ave. 288-2804.

Starch Modern Home Abstract constructionist paintings by Jody Morlock. Through April 27. 105 E. Main St. 344-3334.

Uptown Gallery "Here Comes the Sun," works by Sherwin Ghaphery and Emma Lou Martin. Through May 11. 1305 W. Main St. 353-8343.

Visual Art Studio "Alone," a series of Thomas Petzwinkler photographs exploring loneliness. Through April 30. 208 W. Broad St. 644-1368.

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