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Fun Summery Hangovers


You followed the advice of the previous article, didn't you? And now your brain might as well be two fried eggs on the sidewalk, smashed by a flip-flop. You need help.

There are at least a dozen off-the-shelf herbal- and vitamin-based remedies out there to choose from. They usually have two things in common: B vitamins and willow bark. You can get the B vitamins from the multivitamin you probably already have in your medicine cabinet, where you also might find a bottle of the active ingredient in willow bark — salicylic acid, or aspirin.

Once you're done drinking water straight from the faucet, and with the money you've saved on dicey cure-alls, it's time to go out (with sunglasses) to buy yourself the fattest, greasiest burger you can find. Try 821 Café or, if you're looking a little more presentable, Can Can for some of the best burgers in town.

People swear by the efficacy of the Bloody Mary accompaniment, but not all of us can face up to the snarling dog from the night before and are better off with a milkshake. Others claim spicy food is the answer, and a big bowl of menudo (a spicy tripe stew, not the boy band) is supposed to stop a hangover dead in its tracks, although a nice plate of huevos rancheros (the Mexico chain has some good ones) can substitute for those of us who've recently sworn off entrails.

But the real cure for a summertime hangover? Sleep and air conditioning. Take a couple of aspirin, drink five or six glasses of water, turn off all your phones and wait for the blessed oblivion to come. You really will feel better in the morning. S

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