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From tacky lights to the "Messiah," Richmond's best holiday traditions

The 12 Ways of Christmas

When it comes to traditions, it's hard to imagine a greater confluence than Richmond and the holidays — "we - never - met - a - tradition - we - couldn't - extend - for - multiple - generations" Richmonders revel in this season of rituals. We've picked a dozen of Richmond's finest seasonal traditions. If these aren't already on the family calendar, pick a few and make your own holiday history.

!B!Twelve Shriners Shrining: The Christmas Parade!B!Eleven Angels Singing: The Nativity Pageant at the Carillon!B!Ten Ladies Dancing: The Nutcracker!B!Nine Zillion Light Bulbs: James Center Lights!B!Eight Kids a-Sipping: Tea with Santa!B!Seven "Switchers" Schvitzing: Switch Day at Beth Sholom!B!Six Months of Shelter: Caritas!B!Five Billion Watts: Tacky Light Tour!B!Four Ways to Give: Salvation Army Toy Drives!B!Three Ancient Kings: "Amahl and The Night Visitors"!B!Two Glorious Hours: The "Messiah"!B!And a Child on Santa Claus' Knee: Miller & Rhoads Santa

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