Special/Signature Issues » Greased Lightning

From Rock Star To ... Rock Star


Sept. 14 “Rock Band 2” (Xbox 360, PS 3).  Music and rhythm with simulated instruments. Bang drums, croon into a mic, wail on guitar. Spandex and groupies not included.

Sept 16 “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” (Xbox 360, PS 3). Third-person shooter starring you as Darth Vader's secret apprentice. You can force grip George Lucas and get him to reveal the location of the hidden good Star Wars films.

Sept 23 “Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway” (Xbox 360, PS 3). Tactical first-person shooter set during Operation Market Garden. Relive World War II's most dramatic failure. Don't worry, you'll be greeted as liberators.

Sept 23 “Silent Hill: Homecoming” (Xbox 360, PS 3). Horror and survival in the haunted town of Silent Hill. Evil zombie nurses and savage mutants, just like your high school.

Oct 7 “Fracture” (Xbox 360, PS 3). Third-person shooter. “Terrain deformation” doesn't sound like the beginning of a good time, but this one will be cool, I promise.

Oct. 21 “Far Cry 2” (Xbox 360, PS 3). First-person shooter with dynamic weather and intelligent enemies who will track you down. You know, it's the one where you shoot the propane tank, and the guy catches fire, and then the tank blows up, and then the grass catches fire. … anyway, it's in Africa.

Oct 21 “Deadspace” (Xbox 360, PS 3). Horror and survival in a sci-fi setting. Even if the game turns out to be the crud, the online animated comic is the sweetness.

Oct 21 “Fable 2” (Xbox 360). Action role-playing game in high medieval times. Magic, swords and muskets. Which path will you chose, good or evil? Duh.

Oct 26 “Guitar Hero: World Tour” (Xbox 360, PS 3). The original music and rhythm mayhem, this time with the addition of drums and a mic, just like that (ahem) other music game. All the glory of being a rock star without the horrible car crashes and painful rehab.

Oct 28 “Fallout 3” (Xbox 360, PS 3). First-person role-playing game takes place several years after nuclear Armageddon has laid wasted to the United States. Imagine Washington, D.C., fallen into post-apocalyptic ruins and overrun by wild dogs and vicious thugs. Imagine a city without law, without morals, without hope. Now imagine if it were only a game.

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