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From Post Office To Neighborhood Center

The Neighborhood Resource Center will feature a café, a minipostal service, computer access, apprenticeship programs and classes. A resource center where children and adults can come to hang out, where art and job skills are taught, could bring the heart that was lost when the post office closed, back into the community, she says.

"In our neighborhood there is no place to sit down and have a meal, have a cup of coffee and socialize," says Decossaux, a longtime Fulton Hill resident. And ever since the post office closed in 1999, she says, "we have to go all the way to the county to mail a letter."

Decossaux has a contract on the 4,000-square-foot former post office at 1519 Williamsburg Road. She just needs the cash to make it happen.

Decossaux hopes to raise the $155,000 by Oct. 1. Plans are to have the building purchased and renovated by the spring of 2003. "Once we get the space we can work with no frills. We'll take it in steps," Decossaux says.

For more information about the Neighborhood Resource Center and Café call 421-1902. — B.W.

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