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Free Press' Boone: Just More "Whining"


Will the whining and ranting never end? I'm referring to your Street Talk on Ray Boone's accusation ("Free Press Editor Accuses Ukrop's of Racial Bias," July 16). Really? After Ukrop's worked for years to support Johnny Johnson's inept (or worse) business practices? Not to mention the completely unbiased Golden Gift program and now the Fuelperks program?

Years ago, I regularly picked up copies of the Richmond Free Press in a sincere desire to get news from different sources and with a different approach. I'm Caucasian. After reading one article after another filled with hate for white people, lies and venom, I quit. I already had high blood pressure, and reading the Free Press just kind of canceled out Cozaar's beneficial effects.

I just got laid off my second full-time job in six years. I'm now working for less money - as a contract employee - than I was eight years ago. Mr. Boone and his finger-pointing have no place in a world where, for decades, past wrongs have been atoned for in a multitude of ways, and where those of us who never contributed to them in the first place can barely pay the prescription bill at the pharmacy. He and his buddies need to expend their energies trying to help all of Richmond - not just his pals and cronies. And quit the hatemongering.

Or is this the only way he knows how to get attention?

Ann Clarke


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