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The 'It List'


9031 W. Broad St. 270-9124

To label Franco's an Italian restaurant is far too limiting. The fare here is, quite simply, haute cuisine. But when chef/owner Paul Randazzo shows his roots, he uses them to spectacular advantage. Butter-tender veal is topped with thin slices of prosciutto and lovingly napped in a light cream sauce. Shellfish are delicately cooked, beef is top quality, produce is fresh and the presentation of all the above is beautiful.

Randazzo isn't afraid to venture into new territories and is always inventive with his specials. You may be tempted to latch onto a favorite, as we do from time to time, and hang with it. But if you do you'll miss out on some of the most forward-thinking cuisine Richmond has to offer.

Service is top of the heap. All the staff provide the full-range of service pleasantly. Menu questions aren't met with the quizzical "I'll have to check with the kitchen" response.

If you're not too full for dessert, have the boudino. You won't find it elsewhere in Richmond. It's lighter and creamier than flan, and finishes any meal with soothing

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