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FOX-TV's new "Opposite Sex"

Favorable odds


Milo Ventimiglia, who stole the spotlight from his fellow actors in one of the stories in Nickolas Perry's film "Boys Life 2," takes the lead again in FOX-TV's new "Opposite Sex," airing Wednesday nights at 8 starting June 28.

In "Boys Life 2," Ventimiglia played a teen-ager who, having only recently come to terms with his homosexuality, goes out on the town with pals and encounters the man of his dreams at a disco.

In the new Fox series, he's one of three teen-age boys who find themselves enrolled in an all-girls prep school that's just gone coed.

Ventimiglia's character, Jed Perry, is 15 and was recently dumped by his girlfriend. Completely shattered by the experience, he's decided to swear off girls forever. Then he discovers that the student body at Evergreen Academy consists solely of girls — except for two other boys.

Starring with Ventimiglia are Lindsey McKeon, Margot Finely, Allison Mack, Kyle Howard, Chris Evans, Christopher Cousins and Chris McKenna.

The hour-long show is from the creators of the film "Never Been

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