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Former Mayor Is Like a Bully With a Dictionary

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As editors you have the right to pick and choose your Back Page authors (“Inglorious Bastard,” Feb. 17). As a previous contributor and weekly reader, the Back Page can offer Style Weekly readers valuable insights. Roy West on the other hand is not that voice of reason and his insights are always painfully misguided. He was clearly the worst, most ineffective, race-calling, mean-spirited Richmond mayor since I arrived here in 1980. Mr. West is like the bully, who for lack of courage, carries a dictionary around to throw at those with whom he disagrees.

I guess Roy West can say his mayoral presence was defined by the utter failure of 6th Street Market Place. He vanished from the political scene and I suspect Gov. Doug Wilder felt no reason to offer him a supporting hand. Sometimes it's best to not wake the mad dog, let along offer a helping hand. Name one thing Roy West will be remembered for that was positive?

As Gov. Wilder's 16-year-old one-gun-a-month goes away and the rainy-day fund he established gets the once-over by the General Assembly, Roy West reminds us of the reason a Richmond mayor, elected by a majority of the voters, was not such a bad idea after all.

Michael T. Byrne


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