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Food, Service, BBQ on Readers' Lips

My wife and I moved to the Far West End from New Jersey about five years ago. We can't for the life of us understand any controversy about restaurant service in the Greater Richmond area ("Short Order," Food & Drink, March 19).

Yes we try to be pleasant, but no matter where we go, the service is almost universally professional and extremely friendly. We also spend considerable time in South Florida, however nowhere else have we found the level of hospitality we encounter right here in Richmond.

In fact we often tell one another that Richmond should name itself "Hospitality City." So cordial is the general service we get at all levels of dining out that we consider many of those who serve us regularly in the category of personal friends.

Martin Black

I was so pleased that your critics voted one of our specialties as one of your top picks ("State of the Plate 2008," Cover Story, March 19)! It's so nice to get recognition from a well-respected publication like Style. My kitchen staff was thrilled and it's really great for the business. Try the tacos next time!

Michele CosbyOwner,
Bodega Latina Markets

We have always looked forward to your restaurant issue. This year, one of our favorites was conspicuously absent from your "Favorite 50." Six Burner is not only one of our favorites, but always on your recommended list as well.

The Times-Dispatch restaurant critic Dana Craig got it right this week, giving the restaurant three stars and saying that Six Burner is "a cozy Fan hideaway worth its weight in creativity."

Libby and Greg Robertson

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