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Flying Drumsticks of All Kinds



Let not the hurled fried chicken limbs and communal tray of banana pudding fool you into thinking Southern Culture on the Skids is a band thriving on gimmickry. For beneath the hillbilly veneer, spread like plastic on furniture, or like the crust on pudding, this is a serious, serious rock band. It calls down rockabilly and surf rock and boogie, all very brightly, very tightly, with major digressions into the kind of raw guitar beauty that is found in only the best of trailer-park garages. The band, hailing from North Carolina and Roanoke, just released "Doublewide and Live," the results of a three-day live session that captures the band's tongue-in-cheek history and the great range of subjects tackled, from Little Debbie to large hair to the infinite eight piece box. SCOTS plays Alley Katz Thursday, Oct. 12, with the Cashmere Jungle Lords, 9 p.m.-2 a.m. Tickets are $13-$15. 643-2816. S

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