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Flavor Faves

Critics throw their love around.


CafAc Rustica
I've had one excellent meal after another here. And the most remarkable thing about it is that most of the entrees are $20 and less. Food that good at that price is almost unheard of. Whenever I'm asked where someone should go eat — and I get asked that all the time — I send them to Rustica. With the exception of Mamma 'Zu, it's my new favorite place. — Brandon Fox

The Black Sheep
Kevin Roberts has an interesting menu, three times a day, for a price point that's affordable for the Carver neighborhood and Virginia Commonwealth University. It's a great addition to Richmond's restaurant landscape, with New Orleans-influenced comfort food — battleships with jerk chicken or chicken livers, savory frittatas and chive dumplings. — John Haddad

Bistro 27
It's accomplished and operating at a high level all around. Bistro 27 has an ambitious menu, a great cocktail and wine list, a beautiful setting. Service is always a benchmark for me, and Bistro 27 makes you feel like you're eating somewhere special. I think the downtown location is important too, because that area is seeing such a resurgence. — Tess Autrey Bosher

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