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Five Odd Beer Laws That Still Exist in Virginia



1. While putting a container of beer and ice in plain view might be an easy way for a retailer to keep the important stuff cold, it’s also considered enticing patrons to drink and thus, unlawful.

2. Napkins and coasters are easy freebies to hand out, but the message written on them might not help business much. They may only advertise nonalcoholic beer or wine, or encourage moderation.

3. Brew Thru is a popular drive-in drink stop on the Outer Banks, but it’s also a retailer that will remain south of the state line for now. Virginia law prohibits selling booze to anyone who is “seated in a vehicle.”

4. For those days you feel like you could drink a whole pitcher of margaritas, it’s best you indulge in that urge at home. Retailers can’t sell mixed drinks in pitchers. That is, unless you’re fancying sangria, the single exception — in which case, it’s party time.

5. As cute as a craft-beer onesie might look on the new infant in your life, you’ll have to travel elsewhere to find it. In Virginia, all booze swag “shall be in adult sizes.”

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