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Firehouse Theatre Is Greater Than One


I was thrilled to learn that the Firehouse Theatre Project board has named an interim artistic director and that the season will not be lost . I applaud Jase Smith for his courage in taking on this task and I congratulate the board for continuing to do its job of being fiscally and professionally responsible for the well being of this Richmond treasure.

Like most boards of such institutions, the current board is unpaid, but its members have considerable experience shepherding such organizations. They have no agenda other than to support the growth and integrity of the theater and they have worked tirelessly to do this. They have garnered much-needed financial backing as well as developing strong management, development and promotional programs. These things are critical for art to flourish.

The Firehouse, as all institutions, is and must be, much more than any one or even several individuals, no matter how great the contributions of these individuals may be. The life of the Firehouse is the art it creates. I hope the Richmond community, artists and audiences alike, will continue to support that art.

Joni Dray, emeritus director
Firehouse Theatre Board


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