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Film Screening: “Hits" at the Byrd Theatre

Saturday, March 14


As prophesied by the Buggles on their 1979 hit, “Video Killed the Radio Star,” video relegated radio to the lowest rung on the media ladder. Today the instant access afforded by the Internet is having the same effect on the movie industry. Movie attendance is dwindling to a trickle of its former self, and this year’s Oscar ratings were down 16 percent to their lowest rating in six years. That’s where comedian, writer and television star David Cross comes in. His directorial debut, “Hits,” the first feature-length film to be released on bit torrent with a pay-what-you-want mode, could well be the financial model of Hollywood’s future. The Movie Club of Richmond presents a one-time, brick-and-mortar screening of the dark comedy about a municipal worker whose rants go viral on YouTube this Saturday, March 14, at the Byrd Theatre. Show time is at 1:30 p.m. The admission price is up to you.

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