Fight for $15 

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Thousands marched in 100 degree heat on Saturday to protest the current minimum wage. Protestors gathered at Monroe Park and marched to the Robert E. Lee statue on Monument Ave.
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Marchers gather in Monroe Park.
Grosijean Moore, Detriot, Michigan fires up protestors in Monroe Park.
Protestors begin their march from Monroe Park.
Stacey Stitt leads protestors on Monument Ave.
Police and protestors on West Franklin Ave.
Scott Elmquist
Darius Cephas leads protestors up west Franklin Ave.
Protestors on Monument ave.
Protestors reach Monument Ave.
Protestors ended their march and weekend convention with thousands marching up Monument Avenue.
Rev. Barber addressed to the crowd, saying "Now is the time to rise up for $15."
Scott Elmquist
Jard Butler, Orlando, Florida.
Keynote speaker Rev. William Barber, President of the North Carolina NAACP.
Workers from across the United States attended the National Convention over the weekend.
Jacob Mullen of Richmond, VA.
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Marchers gather in Monroe Park.

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