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Not everyone agrees with our restaurant reviews. Here are letters from two readers who beg to differ:

“While Joseph Cates' review this week [“Bark With Bite,” Oct. 15] correctly applauded the arrival of a new eatery in the Slip, he incorrectly said that it offers ‘something the block doesn’t have: a good, quick, cheap lunch.' If he had turned his head ever so slightly to the right when entering City Dogs, he would have seen A Movable Feast right next door at 1318, a long-standing Slip eatery that offers what he said and more: It's good (very often great), quick, cheap and offers many, many homemade healthy selections such as soups and salads. It caters, too. I have eaten lunch there at least once a week for over 20 years. Where has Mr. Cates been?” — Kathy Ivins

“I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the article about Cuppa Tea Co. [“Tea for Three,” Sept. 3]. I discovered this gem of a teahouse about a year ago and have returned several times for special occasions. The food is absolutely delicious, there is an amazing array of interesting teas, and the owners truly care about the experience they provide to their customers. I've already formed many special memories here — on one visit I treated my mom to a birthday tea and on another, my best friend announced that she would be having her first baby.
“I found this article to be poorly written and completely counter to what Cuppa Tea is all about. I thought it was immature to write from a child's point of view. You did not highlight any of the core elements of this teahouse — the family-owned benefits, the beautifully decorated dining room, the fancy serving pieces, the space for bridal showers and other special parties and the vast selection of teas. This teahouse is one-of-a-kind in Richmond and I'm sorry to think that your readers may have gotten the wrong impression.”

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