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Fear and ignorance; Conservatives aren't helping the underclass; Unholy alliance; Academic curiosity or grave violation?


Fear and ignorance
I was deeply disturbed but mostly surprised by the letter Lex's received from an anonymous physician with health concerns about a fund-raiser at a gay bar News & Features, July 11. It's obviously really from Mrs. West End hausfrau, with her deep concerns about gays and catching disease. This crowd of Mrs. I'm Afraid (of course she is not the only one) needs to consult with some of their dutiful and health-conscious husbands who are parading around the bushes at Byrd Park at night having sex with the first thing that grins at them. Pent-up frustrations perhaps? Talk about catching something … I bet that's one catch of the day that they won't be serving with tea and ham biscuits to the girls of the Greater West End. So lady … it's OK to be afraid, but make sure there's something truly to fear besides ignorance.

Michael Hall

Conservatives aren't helping the underclass
Concerning the story on black conservatives Cover story, July 18: I was struck with dismay as Del. Paul C. Harris and others stated claims and made predictions on the state of things to come. First of all, Del. Harris' hero, Ronald Reagan, did nothing for the underclass in this country regardless of race.

Del. Harris is a modern-day Booker T. Washington as far as viewpoint is concerned. Washington surrounded himself with white male conservatives whose only intent was to hold the growing black population back with visions of false grandeur. As far as Del. Harris' statements on Jesse Jackson wearing $1,000 suits and never working a real job, I would like to know where he got his information. Del. Harris is always nicely dressed for a civil servant; who is bankrolling him? Also, when was the last time Del. Harris even went into the black community to speak with regular hard-working people? All I've ever seen from this guy is the smiling in the faces of men whose golf clubs he could never join.

His statement on hip-hop was outdated, ignorant and close-minded. All hip-hop is not the same! If he was in touch with certain artistic elements that arise from the black youth of today he would understand this fact, but of course being out of touch with the black community was a trait of Booker T. Washington's also.

It will take much more to persuade more blacks to join the party of Ollie North, Jesse Helms and Grandmaster David Duke. Del. Harris, are these men your friends?

Darrel Lynn

Unholy alliance
Style Weekly's excellent article on conservatism Cover story, July 18 highlights, in part, the unholy alliance of radical-right politicians such as Steve Martin and Bishop Gerald Glenn, pastor of New Deliverance Evangelistic Church.

The real story here is why isn't the Internal Revenue Service revoking the tax-exempt status?

Mark W. Forster

Academic curiosity or grave violation?
How long before a grave's contents can be shoveled up for academic gawking by the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities? Apparently, time's up on the decency meter for the remains of 50 Jamestown settlers Cover story, June 20.

This coming fall, APVA scholars intend to dig up these remains to find out precisely what those pioneers ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And how tall were they, anyhow? Grab those shovels and notepads; time's a'wasting!

I think this planned dig is an affront to our country's cultural heritage and should be canceled. If the remains of these revered men, women and children — who died helping to settle America — can be shoveled up simply to satisfy academic curiosity, then heaven help the rest of us.

Dan Bartges

According to the National Register of Historic Places the Virginia Fire and Police Museum in Jackson Ward was built in 1883 not 1849 as was reported to Style by museum staff for an article that appeared in the July 25 issue.

Due to an editing error, Mary Lloyd Parks' current reading was listed incorrectly. She is reading Isabel Allende's "Daughter of Fortune" not "Fortune's Daughter," which was written by Alice Hoffman.

L'Italia Restaurant is not open for lunch as reported in our July, 18 restaurant review.

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