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Faith in twenty-somethings restored...Where was the Times-Dispatch on dog fighting in Richmond?...No way to start the millennium


Faith in twenty-somethings restored

I enjoyed "Living La Vida Broke-a" (Cover story, Jan. 18). It restored my faith in the twenty-something generation and reminded me of my days as a hippie in Washington D.C.

We lived five to a one-bedroom apartment, paying a total monthly rent of $105. We got kicked out after letting about 20 Virginia Tech students sleep on our floor when they came up for the Moratorium on the War. Then three of us moved into an efficiency apartment on Dupont Circle, where the monthly rent was even less. We didn't own anything electronic, much less anything with an internal combustion engine. For entertainment, we went to the city's free concerts. It was bliss.

Bonnie Atwood

Where was the Times-Dispatch on dog fighting in Richmond?

I watched Channels 6 and 8 cover the story of dog fighting in Richmond (Metro, Jan. 18). As a subscriber to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, I opened my paper every day to get an update on this horrendous story ... not a word! All I can say is, "thank goodness for Style."

Thank you for keeping us informed.

Jenny Melton

No way to start the millennium

I thoroughly agree with Stephen Long's letter (Letters, Feb. 1) regarding WRIC's decision to preempt ABC's New Years coverage. I could not believe it. As I was getting ready to go to work, when I normally watch "Good Morning America," WRIC had the gall to run "Curly Top," one of the most forgettable movies of all time.

The Richmond area would like to become a world-class city, something that will not happen as long as its TV stations act so provincial.

Dale Hankins


The name of It Takes 2 dating service was incorrect in the Feb. 8 Street Talk section. Style Weekly regrets the error.

In our Big Smooch issue, (Feb. 8 cover story) we incorrectly stated that a dress once worn by Princess Diana and owned by Richmonder Fontaine Minor was displayed at private parties. Mrs. Minor tells us the dress has only made appearances at charity

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