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Fair Memories, Uncertain Future


“And They Will Come?” I'm not so sure (Cover Story, Aug 12).

No one has loved the State Fair like I have. From a baby and child with my parents in the '50s, I fell in love with the fair. As a teenager, every night going to the fair. I still have the photo of us girls sitting on Sailor Bob's lap. Walking down the dirt roads and looking at the girls in front of the “Red, Hot Ramble.” The rides, the animals, the games, the food, the blue ribbons, the carnies. The goldfish we won that lived for 12 years. My canine friend, Maggie, came from the fair.

I got to take my daughters to the fair. I took my friend's children to the fair. One year I went to the fair so many times I forgot to mail my mortgage payment. Luckily, I have taken my granddaughter to the fair.

And now, like so many Richmond-area traditions, it had to be moved. I don't know if I will go down that long road to the fair. Thanks for the memories.
Faye Rose

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