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Excused absence for Jones


Both Mayor L. Douglas Wilder and Mayor-elect Dwight C. Jones were notably absent during the Nov. 19 joint meeting between Richmond City Council and the city's General Assembly legislative delegation -- a point made in next-day media reports. Wilder's absence was all but expected. But Jones? His absence technically counted twice, being as he is both the mayor-elect as well as a seated member of the General Assembly (until he steps down). And even his advisor, David Hicks, told the gathering of city officials that he wasn't sure where his boss had gotten off to... Turns out Del./Mayor Jones has a doctor's note for his absence. Indeed, probably at least two or three dozen of them -- from the membership of the Richmond Medical Society. "He was here at Virginia Union University," according to Terone Green, director of the Virginia-Nebraska Alliance, who was at the Richmond Medical Society's monthly meeting held at the L. Douglas Wilder Library on Virginia Union University campus. Indeed, Jones had been announced earlier this month as the event's featured guest, along with Dr. Louis Sullivan, a political appointee under President George H.W. Bush.


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