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Event Pick: The Vibe’s Souper Bowl III at Max’s Positive Vibe Café

Nov. 19


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It’s a day of hot steaming bowls of soup, music from the Taters and Steve Bassett and a little culinary competition when Max’s Positive Vibe Café throws the Vibe’s Souper Bowl III on Saturday, Nov. 19. Stella’s, Kona Grill and Joe’s Inn will be among the restautants that simmer the stock, dice the vegetables and choose their meats carefully. At Souper Bowl III, no one likes to go home a loser. And when these chefs compete, the real winners are the folks sipping their way through each entry. The outdoor setup at the Stratford Hills Shopping Center opens at 12:30 p.m. And you can sample your way through all 13 challenges for a $15 donation ($5 for children 12 and younger). Proceeds benefit Positive Vibe Foundation’s food service training program for people with disabilities. Beloved Richmond chef Paul Elbing is taking over judging duties from Larry Thomas — aka the Soup Nazi — who appeared in previous years.


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