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Event Pick: "The Toxic Avenger" Musical at the Basement Theater

July 6-30

Ever heard of Toxie? He’s a crime-fighting superhero and lover who was before his time, starring in the grotesque 1984 comedy horror film, “The Toxic Avenger,” that helped build the Troma production company. Instead of being bitten by a radioactive spider, he’s a nerdy weakling who’s chased by tormentors and jumps out of a health club window where he lands in a barrel of toxic waste that hideously mutates him, giving him special powers. This famous midnight cult movie has inspired three sequels, a children’s cartoon and a musical, so you could say that Toxie’s got legs. Check out the Outer Critics Circle Award for best off-Broadway musical at the Basement, 300 E. Broad St., when Fifth Wall brings it to life in all its glorious ridiculousness. Runs July 6 through 30. $15-$32.