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Event Pick: The New Outliers CD Release Show at the Canal Club

Nov. 20


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People have been saying rock ’n’ roll is dead since 1959, when Buddy Holly’s plane crashed in Clear Lake, Iowa. The truth is that it will never die — Richmond indie rockers the New Outliers are proof. The group’s self-released debut album, “Begin the Everything,” is a radio-friendly summation of the history of melodic hard rock. From the Nirvana-inspired grunge of “Swallowed by the Sun” to the soaring Stone Temple Pilots stomp, “Better Off,” the New Outliers don’t reinvent the ’90s rock wheel as much as pay homage to its never-out-of-vogue simplicity. Like the best rock songs, the tunes come hard and fast and never overstay their welcome. The New Outliners make the old new again Friday, Nov. 20, at the Canal Club. New-generation Richmond rockers Downbeat Switch, the Ivins and Dividing Face open. Doors open for the all-ages show are at 8 p.m. Admission is $7.


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