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Event Pick: The Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival

Saturday, May 30


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Want to know one reason why we have so many craft breweries opening up these days? They’re the only independently owned and operated businesses in the state that don’t have to serve food to sell alcohol. Though they can only serve their own fermented creations, 2012 legislation — signed into law by the since-convicted-but-never-going-to-spend-a-day-in-prison former Gov. Bob McDonnell — exempted breweries from the strict and antiquated 45-55 food-to-drink ratios by which restaurants wishing to serve alcohol must abide. Legal advantages aside, the most important factor in the rise of craft breweries is that people love a good, cold beer. You can sample a wide range of independently made alcoholic creations Saturday, May 30, during the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival at Richmond International Speedway. Along with the different varieties of bourbon and beer, the adult beverage celebration features pig races, how-to seminars, children’s activities and live music.


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