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Event Pick: The 2015 Electric Football World Championships at the Four Points Sheraton and “The Electric Football Game Art Show” at ADA Gallery.

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Home gaming didn’t have many bells and whistles in the 1970s. But there was a board game called electric football — an infuriating metallic pile of crap that made a hellish, bowel-clamoring noise while tiny plastic players vibrated in uncontrollable directions. Sounds fun, right? That was then. Somehow, electric football survived underground to become a much more complicated and artful game. One of its biggest national proponents is Style Weekly Calendar Editor Chris Bopst. On the weekend of July 31 through Aug. 2, Richmond will be the center of all things electric football, when the 2015 Electric Football World Championships and Convention are held at the Four Points Sheraton, 4700 Laburnum Ave. The convention will hold tournaments for advanced, beginner and youth players. Coinciding with the tourney is “The Electric Football Game Art Show” at ADA Gallery curated by Bopst and John Pollard. The exhibit will feature archival items and custom electric football figures, teams, game fields and art by players, artists and enthusiasts from across the country. Also see photos from Randy Blythe of Lamb of God, plus screenings of Errol Morris’ ESPN documentary, “Subterranean Stadium.” Admission and times vary; the art show opens July 31 and runs to Sept. 15. and — Brent Baldwin


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