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Event Pick: RVA Tonight at the Byrd Theatre

Dec. 4


Who needs Steven Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel or Conan O’Brien? We have Beau Cribbs. The creator of RVA Tonight, Richmond’s only fake late-night talk show, the River City native throws a variety show on a near-monthly basis at Coalition Theater. But this time around, Cribbs and his merry gang of ready-for-prime-time players laugh in the holiday season with the “RVA Tonight Christmas Spectacular” at the Byrd Theatre. Guests include John and Sherry Petersik, the Richmond couple behind the popular do-it-yourself home improvement blog and book, “Young House Love,” and a recently released New York Times bestseller, “Loveable Livable Home.” Santa Claus is scheduled to make an appearance too, but since Black Friday he’s been hard to reach. The night of comedy, interviews and music begins at 8 on Friday, Dec. 4. Tickets cost $15.

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