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Event Pick: “Riot” at the Coalition Theater

March 5


The older I get the harder it is to get me out of the house. Given the advancements of First World diversions, it’s amazing that we all aren’t shut-ins. Still, man can’t live by liking cat photos alone. Human beings must see their preferences and proclivities come to light through live group improvisational humor. On Saturday, March 5, “Riot” brings spontaneous engagement to the Coalition Theater. Comedy teams Dollar Machine, the Johnsons and Clapsaddle will take audience suggestions to create in-the-moment scenarios based on the unscripted interplay of the more than 20 humorists. Neither performers nor audience members know how the show will play out, so come prepared to do your part for the shared experience. Doors open for comedic interactivities at 8 p.m. Admission is $10.

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