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Event Pick: Richmond Flying Squirrels 2017 Home Opener

April 6


You’ll see some changes coming to the new season of the Richmond Flying Squirrels, whose home opener is Thursday, April 6.

More specifically, you’ll hear one. The team’s hilarious new genre-juggling anthem, “Hail to the Flying Squirrels,” kicks from a bluegrass banjo lick into a rockin’ Gary Numan-sounding new wave groove.

“We wanted to have a jingle we could use for commercials and to basically be the anthem,” says Todd “Parney” Parnell, vice president of the Flying Squirrels. For help they turned to Black Iris studios, who “took it as an opportunity to write something that represented the … real connection between the Squirrels and Richmond.”

Check out the song online at And don’t worry, games will continue to feature such staples as peanuts and Cracker Jacks — and craft beer, should you choose, in cups the size of small swimming pools.

Opening night also gets a visit from three-time Major League all-star David Justice, who’s signing autographs and throwing out the first pitch, and the debut of a new mistress of ceremonies, Megan Angstadt, the team’s community relations director.

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