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Event Pick: MicroWaves and Pete Curry and the Nachos at Cary Street Cafe

Oct. 28


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Edward Prendergast is a party-starting savant. The multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and lead singer for the Richmond group MicroWaves has the unique ability to annoy and please at the same time. Like anchovies, Prendergast’s nasally, off-kilter vocals are a salty taste sensation that are only pleasing to certain palates. Wisely backed by a collection of top-notch Richmond musicians including horn players Toby Whitaker, Bob Miller and John Lilley from his main gig as bassist for Bio Ritmo, Prendergast tunes such as “Get Nuked,” “Bubble Gum” and “Hair Style” are brass-imbued booty shakers. His laid-back knack for memorable witticisms, looping hooks and lyrical wordplay give the songs their idiosyncratic charm. MicroWaves serves up its distinctive flavors Wednesday, Oct. 28, at Cary Street Cafe. Fellow Richmonders Pete Curry and the Nachos open. Dancing starts at 10 p.m. Admission is free.


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