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Event Pick: Genitorturers at the Canal Club

Nov. 6

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Sex and violence are the Genitorturers’ bread and butter. The Florida industrial group makes a highly stylized brand of venereal vulgarity born from a titillating need to offend. Primarily a live curiosity, the Genitorturers’ mechanized metal is a selfie stick of full-frontal exhibitionism hammered into place by white zombies armed with 9-inch nails. It’s because of this gratuitous sexual nihilism that Hustler Magazine christened them the world’s sexiest band in Larry Flint’s only multipage spread on a rock group in 2004. For all the emphasis on flesh, the band’s Viagra-fueled thrusts, “Cum Junkie,” “Kabangin’ All Night,” “Pleasure in Restraint” and “Asphyxiate” always burst into happy endings without the help of visual aids. The Genitorturers bring their dance floor orgies to the Canal Club on Sunday, Nov. 6. Doors open at 6 p.m. $15-$17.


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