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Event Pick: Ellis Dyson and the Shambles at Balliceaux

March 24


If you can’t get up and dance, or hell at least tap your feet, to the folksy, swing-ragtime jazz of this Chapel Hill group, then you probably ought to start checking yourself for bed sores. The sextet offers a good-ole, foot-stomping mixture of North and South, what it labels “jazz-infused whiskey folk” on its website. Rarely do you get the combination of tenor saxophone and trumpet reaching back through the ages alongside fiddle, leader Dyson’s banjo, acoustic jazz guitar, and stand-up bass — but it sounds like a good time to me. Check out the group’s self-titled debut release from 2015 on Bandcamp and hear for yourself on infectious tracks such as “Peaches” (“My baby went to the market today, got them peaches for free”) and you’ll realize there’s a whole lot of shamblin’ going on. The group’s spring tour of the Southeast brings it to Balliceaux on Thursday, March 24, with doors at 9:30 p.m. The free show for people 21 and older. Come get your chili peppers hot.

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