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Event Pick: Earth, Holy Suns and Lugweight at Strange Matter

Sunday, Aug. 30


Dylan Carlson is best known for being the guy who bought the shotgun Kurt Cobain used to end his life. That’s a shame. The reason people should know Carlson is for his uncompromising musical vision and not for his friendship with a dead rock star. Since 1989, the guitarist has led drone-metal pioneers Earth through a series of lineup changes and sound inversions to create work of singular inspiration. Carlson’s monolithic, post-Black Sabbath riffage draws from the Melvins school of sludgery. Backed by drummer Adrienne Davies and bassist Bill Herzog, Earth’s 2014 release, “Primitive and Deadly,” is a largely instrumental foray into the dark side with tunes such as the plodding “Torn by the Fox of the Crescent Moon” and the atmospheric strangulation of “Even Hell Has Its Heroes.” Earth plays Sunday, Aug. 30, at Strange Matter with opening sets by Brooklyn, New York, -based ill tempers Holy Sun and Lugweight. Doors open for the 18-and-older show at 9 p.m. $13-$15.

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