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Event Pick: Civil Twilight and Knox Hamilton at the Broadberry

Nov. 3


Civil Twilight was born where the streets have no name. That is to say the Nashville-based indie rockers originally from South Africa have a serious U2 obsession. Bassist, keyboardist and lead vocalist Steven McKellar gets his emotive yearnings directly from the throat of Bono. The group’s 2015, full-length release, “Story of an Immigrant” on Wind-Up Records listens like a U2 retrospective. From the polyrhythmic rock of “ When, When” to the peppy pop of “Didn’t Know When to Stop,” Civil Twilight gets its rattle and hums from sharpening its blades on the Edge. To be fair, itdon’t cop everything it does from Ireland’s most well-known musical export. But how you feel about U2 will be the deciding factor in determining if you like the group or not. Civil Twilight picks fruit from the Joshua Tree on Tuesday, Nov. 3, at the Broadberry. Alternative rock trio Knox Hamilton from Little Rock, Arkansas, open. Doors open at 7 p.m. $10-$12.

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